Florida Chamber of Commerce

DYK the Biggest Threat to Florida’s Economy 100 Years Ago Was A Parasite?

In 1916, the biggest challenge to Florida’s business community was the cattle tick, which threatened Florida’s largest economic driver – agriculture. That year, the Florida Chamber of Commerce was established as the Florida Cattle Tick Eradication Committee to unite business leaders and fight for the elimination of the cattle tick. The Florida Chamber has been bringing together business leaders and leading Florida’s economic growth ever since. A lot has changed in Florida since that decade. Consider the following:

100 Year Infographic

The cattle tick may have been the beginning of the first chapter but it’s the next 100 years of securing Florida’s future that we must focus on now. How will we ensure that Florida’s economy thrives for future generations?

Get Involved:

Tomorrow, the Florida Cabinet will convene and instate a resolution recognizing the Florida Chamber’s 100 years. Be sure to tune in live on the Florida Channel at 9 a.m.


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