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Creating Competitive and Stable Insurance Markets

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Creating a competitive and stable insurance market will lower costs for Florida’s policy holders. We must continue initiatives like reducing the size and exposure of Citizens Insurance, reforming Florida’s Catastrophe Fund, spreading risks, reducing fraudulent claims and allowing for creative solutions for the issues homeowners and businesses face. Reforming Florida’s broken property insurance system will help reduce taxpayer risk in the event of a catastrophic storm and further improve Florida’s business climate.

We must fight to keep consistent tax and regulatory systems, continue to reign in our state’s government run property insurance company and champion a fair legal climate to improve job growth.

Instead of short-term solutions from well-funded plaintiff trial lawyers with special interest agendas, the Florida Chamber is focused on creating long-term sustainable solutions so Florida can continue to attract, add and grow the top businesses in the nation. Tell us how insurance issues affect your ability to do business in Florida by contacting Carolyn Johnson.

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