Community Development Partnership

As we continue developing partnerships around the state to prepare for 2030, we seek Florida’s top business leaders and futurists to unite Florida’s business community. Collective action with philanthropic alignment will guide the Foundation’s Florida 2030 Blueprint initiative to secure Florida’s future.

Florida Community Development Partnership (CDP) Council members are an elite group of thought-leaders and funding partners from across the state who have extensive reach and significant impact within their communities. These forward-thinking individuals and companies have a deeply vested interest in Florida’s success and realize the importance of a measurable statewide strategic plan. CDPs contribute their time, skill, and expertise towards securing Florida’s future through the development of Six Pillars Communities.

Florida’s leaders—such as those serving on the CDP Council—have the unique opportunity to position Florida as the national example of free enterprise, job creation, and proven results. As a Community Development Partner, you will meet with other thought leaders and futurists from across the state to help steer Florida toward long-term solutions, leveraging the network of offices, employees and relationships CDP companies bring to bear.

For information on how you can become a Community Development Partner, view the description, expectations and benefits, and please contact Aaron Kinnon at 850-521-1253.

The Florida Chamber of Commerce Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.
Contributions to the Florida Chamber of Commerce Foundation, including CDP Council dues, are deductible as charitable gifts for federal income tax.