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Business Rent Tax Coalition ‘Relief Fund’ Winners Will Provide Employee Healthcare Coverage and Replace Aging Equipment

BizRentTax_PartnerLogos TALLAHASSEE, FL (March 2, 2016) – The Business Rent Tax Coalition today announced the first two recipients of its $1,000 “relief fund,” designed to highlight what small business owners would use tax savings for if the Florida-only six percent business rent tax were reduced.
  • Dan Dvorak
    Owner, Space Coast Auto Supply, Cocoa, FL

    “The tax I have to pay on rent is unfair and takes money that I could put to better use growing my business, giving bonuses or helping my people buy health insurance. I’m going to use the award to help buy health insurance for Shawn (pictured above), the manager of my Cocoa Beach NAPA store.”
  • Javier Santana
    Owner, Waterside Café, Tampa, FL

    “If the business rent tax were reduced, I could afford to replace aging equipment in my café’s kitchen. Instead, I send thousands in business rent tax dollars to Tallahassee. I plan on using the Relief Fund award to buy a new refrigerator for Waterside Cafe, which recently broke down, costing my business over $500 in lost inventory and even more in potential sales.”

“There are two stories to be told here,” said Greg Blosé, Director of Outreach for the Business Rent Tax Coalition. “The first story is some Florida lawmakers perceive a one percent reduction in the business rent tax to be small savings. Although the dollar amount may not be high, the potential savings add up for Florida’s small business owners. Javier can afford to purchase a new refrigerator for his restaurant and John can now afford to provide a key employee with healthcare coverage.”

“The second story is one I’ve heard dozens of times during our Business Rent Tax ‘Relief Tour’ earlier this year,” Blosé continued. “The perception that small business owners will simply keep the savings for themselves is not realistic. Small business owners want to create more jobs by reinvesting in their business, increase wages and offer better benefits. Instead, Tallahassee politicians take $1.7 billion per year away from Florida’s business community, crushing the potential growth of small businesses throughout the state.”

“Generally, that money does not filter where most people might think it would filter, which is back to the owner,” said David Hause, Firehouse Subs Franchisee in Daytona Beach, FL, who recently appeared on film during the Business Rent Tax Relief Tour.

The Business Rent Tax Coalition will continue to offer Relief Fund awards and small business owners can apply at http://www.cutmybizrent.tax/relief-application.html.

Coalescing around a common goal of making Florida’s business climate more competitive, small businesses, job creators and business groups, known as the Business Rent Tax Coalition, are collectively advocating for a one percent business rent tax cut.

The Business Rent Tax Coalition currently includes 45 statewide, regional, and local organizations. Learn more about the Business Rent Tax Coalition by visiting www.cutmybizrent.tax.


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