Florida Chamber Board of Governors Exclusive: Andrew Wiggins Analyzes Latest Poll Results


The Florida Chamber of Commerce presents a new benefit for our Board of Governors members: the most important results from our latest poll. Florida Chamber Senior Director of Campaigns and Elections Andrew Wiggins adds his expert insight.


Another Exclusive Board of Governors Benefit:

If you want more expert insights from the Florida Chamber team, Board of Governors members can request an exclusive State of the State briefing. The Florida Chamber can travel to a location you choose to brief your executive leadership team on trends affecting the future of Florida, legislative issues, political analysis and more. To request your State of the State Briefing, email Board of Governors Program Director Greg Blosé at gblose@flchamber.com or call 850-521-1243.

*Important: Only Florida Chamber Board of Governors-level members are eligible for this exclusive benefit.

GNVWins Mirror Site Boosts Grassroots Engagement

By: Vicki Gervickas, Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce

The Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce, like many Chambers around the state, partnered with the Florida Chamber this election season to provide added value to our 1,300+ members.

Part of our grassroots engagement strategy is using diverse avenues to reach thousands of employees working at our member businesses. And for this past election season, those efforts were particularly critical—we had several hotly contested county-level seats on the August primary ballot, as well as important state races during the general election. We wanted to make the process of registering to vote and learning about the issues of concern to our community as easy as possible.

Our partnership with the Florida Chamber on our GNVwins.org mirror site was instrumental in these efforts. With the FloridaWins infrastructure, we were able to easily add local content—such as our candidate questionnaires—to the site’s comprehensive, non-partisan coverage and one-stop voter registration information.

We also took full advantage of the Florida Chamber’s suggestions for social media outreach, to great success. Facebook analytics for the week of July 25th, for example, showed a reach of about 1,800 for our voter registration posts, more than four times the typical response.

Posters, memes and all-member messages rounded out these efforts. And while we can’t take all the credit, the Supervisor of Elections reported record turnout in our county for the August primary.

How FloridaWins.Org Can Help Employees Get Involved

Imagine a news organization that provides you with information about the elections and candidates running for office, without telling you what to think or how to vote. It may be hard to imagine, especially in light of recent polls showing fewer Americans than ever trust information provided by the news media. Enter FloridaWins.org, a non-partisan news and information service designed to help employers communicate with employees about the upcoming elections and the candidates running for office.

Recognizing Floridians are fed up with partisan politics, FloridaWins.org set out on a mission in 2014 to provide only one thing: the facts. FloridaWins.org does not endorse candidates and does not promote one party over another – it simply provides the facts to Floridians and lets each person decide where they stand.

In 2016, FloridaWins.org has stepped up its efforts to educate Floridians about the issues and elections. In addition to regular articles and animated videos covering the issues, the website staff interviewed candidates running for election to the Florida House and Senate and asked them questions about jobs, healthcare and education. The result? More than 100 candidates have a video posted on FloridaWins.org that allows voters to compare their answers to the questions, side-by-side.

More than 20 regional chambers of commerce have partnered with FloridaWins.org to help the business community engage its employees in non-partisan voter education efforts. Although many business leaders have responded, more are needed. To help make elections easier for your employees and their friends and family members, contact Greg Blosé at gblose@flchamber.com or call 850-521-1243 to get your free copy of the FloridaWins.org voter engagement toolkit. The toolkit will provide you with the dates, messaging and other tools you need to help educate your employees about the upcoming election.

When your employees are educated and involved, Florida Wins.

Justices Hear Arguments Over Potentially Costly Solar Amendment

Florida Chamber Urges Supreme Court to Reject Ambiguous Amendment

Fresh from advocating for Florida families and job creators, the Florida Chamber of Commerce has returned from today’s Florida Supreme Court hearings, where Justices heard debate on a proposed amendment that could increase energy cost. A group behind Limits or Prevents Barriers to Local Solar Electricity Supply defended their proposed amendment before the Florida Supreme Court.

“As a large and growing state, Florida needs a diverse energy portfolio that includes solar energy, however, the proposed constitutional amendment mandates major changes in existing law, using language that is unclear and misleading,” said Attorney General Pam Bondi in June.

The latest Florida Chamber Political Institute (FCPI) poll shows that Floridians support solar energy, but they do not support a proposed solar amendment that could drive up energy costs. Only 41 percent of likely Florida voters support this proposal – falling far short of passage.

The Florida Chamber filed an Amicus Brief with the Florida Supreme Court opposing this amendment. As noted in the brief prepared by former Florida Supreme Court Justice Raoul Cantero, the Florida Chamber believes:

  • The solar initiative violates the single-subject requirement, and
  • The title and summary of the amendment are deceptive and misleading to Florida voters.

The Florida Chamber has a long-standing tradition of opposing amendments that can be addressed legislatively or through the state’s budget, an opinion former Florida Supreme Court Justice Raoul Cantero shares in regards to this amendment.

“The proposed solar amendment would put into the Florida Constitution policy requirements that could be accomplished through the Legislative process. Voters should only be asked to amend the state Constitution if the proposed amendment clearly covers a single subject, which this proposed amendment does not,” said former Florida Supreme Court Justice Raoul Cantero.

David Hart, Florida Chamber Executive Vice President, in interviews with members of Florida’s Capitol Press Corps, told reporters that Floridians support solar. However, as Hart explained, “they just don’t support this one.”

With 30 proposed constitutional amendments attempting to make their way onto the ballot and into Florida’s Constitution, voters will be looking closely at those that might increase their utility costs.

Add Your Voice:

Sign the Florida Chamber’s resolution opposing this bad solar amendment. Contact Greg Blose at gblose@flchamber.com to obtain the resolution.