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Atlanta Leader Explains, “Why Florida?”

From taxes, population growth and job projections to weather and quality of life- businesses have many different factors to consider when making expansion or growth decisions. For those businesses headquartered out of the state, Florida presents a unique opportunity for competitive growth.

Consider these Florida facts:

As a leader with a General Electric business headquartered in Atlanta, it’s hard to ignore the welcome mat that Florida has worked hard to create. I watched as Florida’s economy, along with the nation, plummeted during the recession. I also watched unemployment rates skyrocket to more than 11 percent. But I have also watched Florida businesses bounce back, and stronger than ever before. Florida has truly become a model for economic growth and recovery and the state as a whole, is better for that. The Florida Chamber united the businesses community under free enterprise principles that fueled the growth of today and more importantly, continued growth. When we consider business expansion projects, we always have options among several states. But as we decided to grow our GE Oil and Gas business, adding almost 500 jobs, the question was no longer “why Florida” but instead, “why not Florida?”


Written by Trey Paris, U.S. Manager of State Government Relations with the General Electric Company, Chair of the Florida Chamber’s Florida Caucus.


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