Where We Stand

Continuing to Strengthen Florida’s Economy, Spur Smart Growth, Create Jobs and Economic Opportunity


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Recognizing that economic, political and demographic shifts have placed Florida in a fragile position, the Florida Chamber’s 2018 Jobs Agenda is built on the belief that Florida’s best days are far from over, they are yet to come. By reducing the cost of living and cost of doing business, redoubling efforts on workforce, and investing in infrastructure, Florida’s economy will continue to strengthen, and jobs, wages and opportunities will grow for Floridians. The Florida Chamber’s Jobs Agenda, outlined in Where We Stand, details 41 legislative recommendations. Among these recommendations to help strengthen Florida’s economy, spur growth, create jobs and lift incomes, the Florida Chamber recommends:

Reducing the Cost of Living:

> Put consumer protection first by finally closing the well-known Assignment of Benefits scam that is raising rates.

 Reducing the Cost of Doing Business:

> The legislature should fix Florida’s workers’ compensation system by addressing the true cost drivers of the system, including attorney fees. Doing so will bring stability to the system and lower unnecessary costs.

> The legislature should fix Florida’s broken lawsuit climate.

> The legislature should build on competitive tax policies, including increasing the Research & Development Tax Credit.

 Preparing for the Future:

> Redouble efforts on workforce education.
> Expand access to pathways to Florida’s attainment.goals.
> Championing long-term, sustainable water and environmental policies.
> Supporting proactive economic planning and development.
> Championing innovations in all modes of transportation.
> Advocating for efficient and sustainable energy solutions.

Based on input from Florida Chamber members, local chambers of commerce, partner associations, research and unfinished business from 2017, the Florida Chamber’s Jobs Agenda is a blueprint of legislative priorities that it will lobby, track and score this legislative session.