Florida Chamber of Commerce

2019 Legislative Session: Just the Facts

Florida Legislature Takes Steps to Make Florida More Competitive

Six months after the launch of Florida’s next strategic plan, commonly known as the Florida 2030 blueprint, Governor Ron DeSantis and the Florida Legislature took steps during the 2019 Legislative Session to make Florida more competitive. Lawmakers passed 20 Florida Chamber-backed bills that will help lower the cost of living on families, reduce the cost of doing business on job creators and prepare for Florida’s future growth.

“This session lawmakers took steps in the right direction to make Florida more competitive, but there’s still much more work for Florida to reach its potential,” said Mark Wilson, President and CEO of the Florida Chamber of Commerce.

Looking for easy to download images?

The Florida Chamber has created infographics with quick and easy facts from the 2019 Legislative Session, including how many bills were filed, how many passed and more.

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