2018 General Election Results

Voters Back Florida Chamber Candidates

Elect 80 of 86 Florida Chamber Endorsed Candidates, Including U.S. Senate, Governor & Cabinet, Supported Constitutional Amendments and 80 Legislative Races


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A record 8 million plus Floridians voted in the 2018 general election – besting turnout for a Florida gubernatorial election. And their votes show they agree with the Florida Chamber of Commerce.
After recruiting pro-jobs candidates and investing more than $19 million in get-out-the-vote efforts, the Florida Chamber saw positive midterm election results. Voters supported Florida Chamber-backed candidates in 80 of 86 endorsed races – including U.S. Senate and Governor and Cabinet races – and four proposed amendments to Florida’s constitution. The balance of power in the Florida Legislature will remain with Republicans. Party breakdown in the Florida Senate is 23 Republicans to 17 Democrats, and in the House, 73 Republicans to 47 Democrats.


As Florida Chamber Political Council Chair Will Weatherford has often said, if we want to get the policies right, first we have to get the politics right. While the election is over, our nation and state remain divided politically. But the Florida Chamber and its agenda are non-partisan and good for Florida.


“Today, we’ll immediately begin working with those the voters have chosen as we continue advocating outcomes that generate economic opportunity for everyone,” said Mark Wilson, President and CEO of the Florida Chamber.  “Special thanks to Will Weatherford and the Florida Chamber’s Political Council for their guidance and team work ensuring the Florida Chamber played a strong role in making sure the right people were elected.”


Of the record 8 million Floridians that voted in the midterms, Republicans had a 7 point lead in voter turnout on Election Day alone. Voter demographics continue to be analyzed, and more details are forthcoming. Click here to download the 2018 General Election results.
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