Volunteer Leadership is at the heart of the Florida Chamber’s success. Florida is a large and diverse state with significant regional differences. To better serve our members, the Florida Chamber created 11 regions in Florida. These 11 regions are represented on the Florida Chamber Board of Directors by special Chair appointments. Regional Board Chairs serve as a key volunteer in the region and receive substantial staff support.

Regional Advancement Leadership Role and Planned Outcomes

1. Regional Business Leader Meetings:

Host regional town hall “listening sessions” with business and community leaders, local Chamber presidents, local economic development leaders, and elected officials to discuss upcoming legislation, pending issues and how to mobilize the business community for good. These meetings are an opportunity for members and prospective members to support the Florida Chamber mission and recognize local legislators.

2. Regional Reports at Board of Directors Meetings:

Provide the Board with intelligence on issues of significance in your region.

3. Regional Membership Outreach:

Business leaders want to know why you and your company believe in the Florida Chamber before they will decide to invest heavily in our mission. Work with Chamber staff to develop new members from outreach letters, personal phone calls or visits. Each region has a strategic financial goal and substantial staff support available.

4. Regional Political Intelligence:

It’s been said all politics are local. While we are not asking Regional Advancement Chairs to formally be politically active on our behalf, we believe you will often pick up important political intelligence regionally and hope you will serve as an important set of eyes and ears for our political operations team.

5. Regional Voice of Business:

As our ‘key regional volunteer,’ we hope you will consider lending your voice to help tell the free enterprise story on issues you and your company are willing to have a public position — advocating for issues with media from submitting letters to the editor, Op-Eds to your local paper, attending Editorial Board meetings, and giving speeches to regional groups.

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Aaron Kinnon
Vice President, Investor Relations

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