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2030 Goal Leader Update: 100% of Florida 3rd graders read at or above grade level

Over the past year, the Florida Chamber Foundation’s Florida Business Alliance for Early Learning Project has continued to raise awareness on the ever-changing early learning environment in an effort to not only recover to a pre-COVID-19 economy, but also grow Florida to be the 10th largest economy in the world by 2030.  To do so, the Alliance has hosted three webinars, informing over 700 business and community leaders on where we stand and how Florida’s education and child care systems are adapting, presented on the importance of early learning at events across Florida, updated the Florida Gap Map and to reflect the latest data related to early learning achievements. As we look toward the future, the Florida Business Alliance for Early Learning Project is working with partners and organizations across Florida to ensure every Floridian has access to high-quality early opportunities in their community.

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