Florida Chamber of Commerce

2030 Goal Leader Update: World’s most capable spaceport; top-tier airports, seaports, and surface transportation hubs in U.S.

On April 28, Florida’s top business and transportation leaders united in Jacksonville for the Florida Chamber Foundation’s 2022 Florida Transportation, Growth & Infrastructure (TGI) Solution Summit. With an estimated 4 million more residents in Florida by 2030, Florida must pave the way for future growth and focus connecting Florida’s communities to one another and access to global markets. In conjunction with the summit, the Foundation released the Florida Trade and Logistics 2030 Study. After months of research and statewide investor input, the study presents several strategies and recommendations geared towards growing Florida’s trade, logistics, and manufacturing industries that will enable Florida to become the 10th largest economy in the world. The roadmap includes strategies such as establishing a statewide, focused manufacturing initiative; closing essential workforce gaps and building a talent pipeline; strengthening trade gateways and corridors; creating a comprehensive site development program emphasizing rural areas; redesigning Florida’s economic development toolkit; and leveraging rural economic development tools to double the GDP in those regions.

The Infrastructure Coalition was proud to provide thought leadership for both TGI and the release of Florida Trade & Logistics 2030 as we work to secure Florida’s infrastructure for smart growth and development.

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