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2030 Goal Leader Update: Top state for gross domestic product and top quartile most diversified state economy

2030 Goals in Focus:

FEDC Goal Leader Update:

The Florida Economic Development Council (FEDC) is a 501c6 led by 430 economic, workforce and community developers across 160 organizations who improve local communities and elevate Florida’s global competitiveness through job creation and capital investment in high wage, in-demand occupations that diversify Florida’s economy and increase Gross Domestic Product. State and federal investment in infrastructure and talent, particularly in rural communities, will grow industries like manufacturing, which generates the greatest economic impact to a community or region. FEDC members are crafting messaging, metrics and milestones to further the three Florida 2030 Blueprint goals for which we are the goal leader and ultimately working to unite our partners in aligning all 39 goals in each of Florida’s 8 regions.

Additionally, FEDC’s task force leaders recently met in small groups to focus on each of the three goals. The three working groups and the entire task force has agreed that the three topics below are of importance to all three goals and represent areas we plan to work hand-in-hand with the Florida Chamber Foundation on tackling.

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