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2023 Florida Business & Economic Mid-Year Report

One of the most important ways in which we can help Florida leaders lead the Florida 2030 Blueprint mission is providing regular research and analysis of the metrics that matter to securing Florida’s future. With this in mind, the Florida Chamber Foundation is releasing its first edition of the 2023 Florida Business & Economic Mid-Year Report, a mid-year analysis of the local and national economic trends impacting the way Florida does business. This first edition will be followed by annual editions to keep Florida businesses in the know about Florida’s economic headwinds and tailwinds, serving as a level set to propel them through the remainder of each year and towards 2030.

If you have questions about any of the information in the report, please contact our Research Economist Sheridan Meek at 850-521-1269 or We also invite you to take advantage of our other research tools below:

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