2018 Infrastructure Coalition Report


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A Florida Chamber Infrastructure Coalition Report on Accelerating Florida Forward

The Florida Chamber’s Infrastructure Coalition is focused on creating long-term investments in Florida’s energy, water, transportation, telecommunications, and rural infrastructure. With Washington, D.C.’s renewed focus on infrastructure, the Florida Chamber’s Infrastructure Coalition aims to maximize Florida’s economic growth opportunities. And at the state level, double down on efforts to prepare for Florida’s growing population through infrastructure investments.

Three work groups were created to develop the coalition goals and strategies.

Opportunities for better integration – leveraging innovation and technology for infrastructure development which improves accessibility.

Economic Prosperity
Advancing the development of rural infrastructure and future corridors that are cross-sector focused – addressing energy, digital and connectivity gaps.

Advancing strategic infrastructure investments that support and expand global competitiveness and position Florida as the hub for trade and logistics serving our state, the Southeast, and the nation.

Four Big Goals

-Invest in the Future
-Go Bold
-Catalyze workforce Innovation
-Address Connectivity Gaps