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Engaging in Florida’s Elections

In addition to actively engaging in constitutional amendment reform, the Florida Chamber engages in all aspects of Florida’s elections because, when it comes to securing Florida’s future, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Florida’s political landscape is continually changing. More voters are choosing NPA (no party affiliations) and the gap is closing between Republican and Democratic voters. But, beyond the legislative battles in Tallahassee or Washington, pro-jobs policies need champions and that is why we engage in elections.

Our engagement efforts begin by electing pro-business, pro-jobs candidates, chosen by rigorous candidate interview sessions — one of Florida’s most thorough and well-respected pro-business candidate review processes. The Florida Chamber Political Institute (FCPI) travels statewide and interviews hundreds of new candidates — in addition to reviewing each candidate’s completed questionnaire. Incumbent candidates are evaluated on a rigorous set of factors, including legislator grades on the voting records. This helps the Florida Chamber advocate for candidates who have Florida’s future as a priority. In 2014, the Florida Chamber engaged in 29 primary election races and 62 general election candidates for House and Senate and invested a record $7 million in voter education programs. Well funded special interest groups continue to fight for less competitive policies — and the Florida Chamber’s Political team continues to fight back.

The Florida Chamber will remain focused on fighting for Florida’s future by endorsing pro-jobs
candidates who will help lead Florida in the right direction. You can help by signing up for FloridaWins.org, hosting political fundraisers or making political contributions. We
urge you to join us in the arena and help our state remain competitive.