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A Defining Election

Since December 2010, more than 600,400 private-sector jobs have been created thanks to leaders who put free enterprise before the agendas of special interests. This year, we must once again elect courageous leaders.

Nationally, Florida is being hailed as the top three states for gubernatorial elections. This election is important and will affect Florida’s economic growth for years to come.

The Florida Chamber recognized several years ago what we would be facing and have been preparing for the battles ahead of us. But just as we have been preparing to fight for free enterprise, well-funded special interest groups have been preparing their fight against job creators.



Each of you can make a difference by getting involved with the Florida Chamber’s Political Action Program by:

  • Hosting a political fundraiser
  • Making a political contribution
  • Writing a letter to the editor on issues that are important to you

Florida’s business community must unite to share the truth about Florida’s story. When we look at the facts – Florida’s unemployment rate continues to stay below the national average, more than 600,400 private-sector jobs have been created, Florida’s 4thh graders rank second in the world only to Hong Kong – we can see Florida is making substantial progress toward future growth and prosperity. Florida’s businesses play a vital role in securing Florida’s future by educating their employees on issues that impact their job and industry. For this reason, the Florida Chamber has launched – a no-partisan educational web-based tool that provides truthful, fact-based information about the issues that matter most to Floridians, their families and their jobs.