Vote “No” on Amendment 2

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Florida Chamber and Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam Urge Floridians to Vote “NO” on Amendment 2



“Normally we focus on creating jobs, improving education and making Florida more competitive, but this is the type of business Florida can do without. I find it curious that the largest funder of this push to legalize pot is a personal injury trial lawyer firm, yet such measures are overwhelmingly opposed by Florida’s medical and law enforcement community. Florida voters are smart and when the facts are on the table I believe they will say no to drugs in Florida.”


The Florida Chamber has a long-standing position of opposing constitutional amendments that can be addressed by the legislature in statute or in the state budget. The Florida Legislature and Governor Rick Scott earlier this year legalized medical marijuana to help children with seizures and Floridians with debilitating illnesses – further proof that this issue can be handled by the legislature.

The Florida Chamber Opposes Amendment 2 Because It:

  • Creates a “pot for any purpose” scenario in which a recommendation, not a doctor’s prescription, can be used to treat fatigue, neck/back aches, menstrual cramps and sleepless nights –far from debilitating medical conditions.
  • Makes Florida ground zero for pot docs, much like the pill mill epidemic, and opens the door for pot shops to pop up next to restaurants, schools, churches and supermarkets.
  • Allows minors to legally obtain pot.
  • Allows non-medically trained “caregivers” to distribute pot to their “patients”.
  • Gives immunity to those involved in the transfer and administration of potent marijuana products.