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Home Repair Insurance Claim Fraud Hammering Florida

January 23, 2015 | |

BY DAVID SANTIAGO Imagine this: You wake up to find your kitchen flooded from a broken pipe. You frantically call a water extractor who arrives and says, “Don’t worry. Just sign these forms and we’ll handle everything.” The truth is, you’ve just signed away control of your insurance claim and may have permitted unscrupulous third […]

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Fix Medication Loophole

March 02, 2013 |

A sure way the Legislature could quickly give Florida businesses a boost is by eliminating a legal loophole that needlessly drives up worker’s compensation insurance premiums.

Some authorities say closing the prescription drug loophole would save employers $62 million a year. Physician groups discount that claim, but regardless of the amount of the savings, the current situation gouges businesses.

Lawmakers should stop the unjust pricing.

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Phase Out Most Pensions for Government Employees

November 27, 2012 | |

One of the priorities of new Florida House Speaker Will Weatherford is to phase out pensions for state workers. Taxpayers should hope he succeeds.

This isn’t a question of being chintzy to score points with conservative voters. Growing pension obligations threaten the security of today’s workers and programs while unfairly shifting costs of unknown size to the future.

The high costs and uncertainties of pensions have caused most private companies to drop them in favor of the 401(k) retirement plan. Weatherford wants to shift to that sort of system for new state workers. Existing pension promises would be kept.

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Gov. Scott Challenges Universities: Offer Degrees for $10,000

November 26, 2012 | |

But representatives of the Florida Chamber, Associated Industries of Florida, and the National Federation of Independent Businesses all lauded Scott’s proposal.

“Graduating with a large student loan debt deters some young people from going on to college, even though statistics show the value of a degree in lifetime earning potential,” said state Board of Education chairman Gary Chartrand. “The governor’s $10,000 degree challenge is going to make it even more affordable for students in our state.”

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‘Yes’ on 10 a Vote for Jobs and Small Business

October 26, 2012 | |

Amendment 10, on the November ballot, would provide a much-needed benefit to Florida’s small businesses and provide another economic development tool for local governments to help bring new jobs to their areas. The amendment would allow for a reduction of tangible personal property (TPP) taxes in Florida. These are the taxes businesses pay on most of their property that is not real property (land and buildings). Business pay TPP taxes on machinery, equipment, furniture, computers, signs, supplies and other property. Homeowners do not pay tangible personal property taxes.

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