Talent Supply & Education

Florida faces an emerging talent gap — a crisis in human capital that represents a vast and growing unmet need for a highly skilled and educated workforce. The Florida Council of 100’s Closing the Talent Gap report outlines issues and recommendations related to Florida’s talent supply chain which is defined in four zones: Pre-K, Primary/Secondary, Post-Secondary and Workforce Development. In the next two decades, new products and services will be developed to address the world’s most pressing environmental, medical, and transportation challenges. The site of those breakthroughs will reap the economic rewards of leadership. Without a thriving base of knowledge workers, that place may not be Florida. The time to build Florida’s future workforce is now, and education and training must be its foundation.

Talent Supply & Education Caucus

Areas of focus for the Talent Supply & Education Pillar include:
  • Early Learning
  • K-12
  • Higher Education
  • Workforce
Legislative issues associated with the Talent Supply & Education Pillar include:

To track the progress and regress on key issues within the Talent Supply & Education Pillar, visit The Florida Scorecard.

Strategic Plan

The Talent Supply & Education Caucus is charged with developing goals, strategies and tactics within the areas of Pre-K, Primary and Secondary, Workforce Development and STEM for the first-ever, statewide strategic plan for the State of Florida. The latest iteration of the Six Pillars 20-year Strategic Plan and the work of the Talent Supply & Education Caucus can be viewed here.

To become involved in the visionary discussions related to this Pillar via the Six Pillars Caucus System collaborative website, e-mail for an invitation.

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