Six Pillars Plan


Florida is at a critical point in its modern history. As the fourth largest state with growing demands for infrastructure, water and energy and among the ever‐changing needs of tomorrow’s knowledge‐based economy, we face opportunities and challenges that will require collective action to accomplish a vision of high‐wage jobs, global competitiveness and vibrant communities. The composition of the economy is also in flux, leaving structural issues of labor supply and demand with the need to create over one million jobs by 2020 and accommodate seven million more Florida residents by the year 2030.

Six Pillars Framework Serves as Strategic Direction for Securing Florida’s Future

The Florida Chamber Foundation’s Six Pillars™ framework provides the structure to discuss and act upon on Florida’s future in concert with the continuous measurement of The Florida Scorecard™. As components of the Foundation’s mission, business and community leaders can leverage the common platform providing one voice to securing Florida’s future. And to get there we need a plan.

Leveraging the hard work of the Six Pillars Caucus System™, the Foundation annually releases the latest iteration of progress made toward a comprehensive strategic plan for securing Florida’s future. The work in this document represents a collaborative process involving hundreds of Floridians, representing business, civic, elected and other diverse stakeholders. Members of the Six Pillars Caucus System focus their efforts on a horizon between two and 20 years. The Six Pillars 20-year Strategic Plan takes a long‐term perspective of what is needed to propel the state into a leadership position and strives to bypass short-term thinking and build the road to our shared future. Each iteration of the Six Pillars 20-year Strategic Plan presents policy options for further research, elaboration and partnering with organizations throughout the state.

  • Read this plan with an eye toward accomplishing the goals, strategies and tactics contained herein and ask for your partnership and input as we move forward.
  • Join the Foundation in further deliberations of the Six Pillars Caucus System scheduled throughout 2012 enabled by our collaborative website.
  • Look for announcements in your county or region for opportunities to participate in local strategic planning processes, as part of the Florida Chamber Foundation’s Six Pillars Communities™ program that will serve to inform the state‐wide plan’s evolution.

Florida is our home and together we can achieve this vision as our stewardship for future generations.


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