Six Pillars Communities

Six Pillars Communities

Helping Communities Create a Strategic Vision

The Florida Chamber Foundation’s Community Development Partners (CDPs), an elite group of thought-leaders and funding partners from across the state, help identify stakeholders at the local level as the linchpin for the success of the Six Pillars 20-year Strategic Plan. In 2009, they began in earnest championing the adoption of the Six Pillars™ framework throughout the state at the local and/or regional level.

A county or region that adopts the Six Pillars as the framework for developing and communicating their local strategic plans are designated a Six Pillars Community as part of the Six Pillars Communities™ program. In addition to the benefits of participating in a common agenda, the local voices become a chorus for change when their own strategic visions provide input to the crafting of the statewide strategic plan via the Six Pillars Caucus System™.

Each county or region that has formally adopted the Six Pillars framework will have the opportunity to appoint six regional representatives (one per Pillar) to the Caucus System to ensure local strategic plans inform the statewide planning process.


Six Pillars Communities Around the State

Community leaders from Jackson, Columbia, Palm Beach, Marion, Broward, Collier and Lee counties – as well as regional efforts, such as the Central Florida Partnership’s – are using the framework to guide their local dialogue. And the list of adopting partners is growing. The resulting priorities will differ, but the parameters and focus of the discussion is identical. Imagine the power of an economic agenda communicated throughout the local and state political process empowered by the simplicity of a common language.

Palm Beach County was the first urban area to adopt the Six Pillars framework and officially become a Florida Chamber Foundation Six Pillars Community. This planning process and final plan offer a model framework for other Communities to follow. Download the plan here.

For more information on the Six Pillars Communities program and how to get involved contact Tracey Lowe at or (850) 521-1226.

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