Six Pillars™

For nearly a century, the Florida Chamber of Commerce has fought for free enterprise and worked to secure Florida’s future. Through research, advocacy and leadership, the Florida Chamber Foundation, the Florida Chamber of Commerce and the Florida Chamber Political Operations work together to help make our vision of Florida’s future a reality.

Our vision for Florida encompasses vibrant communities enjoying prosperity and high-paying jobs realized through competitive advantage in a global economy. Such a view calls us to an attainable future. It also creates a practical challenge for those who demand that their aspirations correspond with common sense.

The framework offered to accomplish such a task is known simply as the Six Pillars™. The product of years of collaboration and research by the Florida Chamber Foundation, the Six Pillars identifies the critical factors determining Florida’s future:

The Six Pillars incorporates the work of a diverse range of stakeholders and their strategic thinking, including Century Commission for a Sustainable Future, Florida Council of 100, Enterprise Florida, Florida State University System, Workforce Florida, and 1000 Friends of Florida, among others.

This framework serves as an organizing force for strategic planning at local, regional and state levels. Its real power is in the efficiency of harnessing fragmented viewpoints into a common and consistent conversation. The Florida Chamber Foundation, along with its Six Pillars Caucus System™, released the first iteration of the Six Pillars 20-year Strategic Plan to accomplish the vision set forth above.

Six Pillars Communities Set Example of How to Effectively Plan for a New Economy

Even as you read this, community leaders from Jackson, Columbia, Palm Beach, Marion, Broward, Collier and Lee counties—as well as regional efforts, such as  the Central Florida Partnership’s—are using the framework to guide their local dialogue. And the list of adopting partners is growing. The resulting local priorities will differ, but the parameters and focus of the discussion is identical. Imagine the power of an economic agenda communicated throughout the local and state political process empowered by the simplicity of a common language. Learn more here.

The Florida Scorecard: The Metrics That Help Florida’s Leaders Secure Florida’s Future

While the Six Pillars offer a powerful tool for strategic planning at all levels, the Florida Chamber Foundation’s objective to develop a state-wide, 20-year plan requires a commitment to measuring our current status and progress toward stated goals. The Foundation offers The Florida Scorecard, a dynamic online tool that seeks to identify and track those factors identified within each of the Six Pillars as indicative of our situation. The Scorecard’s structure has fully identified issues and ideas within each of the Six Pillars and consists of more than 120 metrics to best communicate key issues. You can view the current version of this tool at

The Florida Chamber Foundation is the leading force behind the Six Pillars effort. The rest of the Florida Chamber supports the Six Pillars by organizing legislative priorities and interviewing candidates running for office using the framework.

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