Infrastructure & Growth Leadership

This Pillar underscores the fundamental contributions of factors such as transportation, communications and land use to a vibrant economy. Early symptoms, if not addressed, will become crippling diseases undermining the state’s economic health. Malnourished ports would turn away burgeoning international trade. Congested and deteriorating roadways and railways could choke intra- and inter-state commerce. Sprawl threatens the sufficiency of water and energy. This need not be Florida’s prognosis. In contrast, smart and timely investments in strategies that are tied to sustainable infrastructure targets are the medicine for a shared economic prosperity for all Floridians.

Areas of focus for the Infrastructure & Growth Leadership Pillar include:
  • Energy
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Water & Environmental Protection
  • Growth Leadership
  • Housing
  • Disaster Preparedness & Recovery
Legislative issues related to the Infrastructure and Growth Leadership Pillar include:

To track the progress and regress on key issues within the Infrastructure & Growth Leadership Pillar, visit The Florida Scorecard.

Strategic Plan

The Infrastructure & Growth Leadership Caucus is charged with developing goals, strategies and tactics within the areas of Energy, Transportation & Logistics, Water & Environmental Protection, Growth Leadership, Housing, Disaster Preparedness & Recovery for the first-ever, statewide strategic plan for the State of Florida. The latest iteration of the Six Pillars 20-year Strategic Plan and the work of the Infrastructure & Growth Leadership Caucus can be viewed here.

To become involved in the visionary discussions related to this Pillar via the Six Pillars Caucus System collaborative website, e-mail for an invitation.

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