Elections Matter: Victories are Great, but Success is Never Final

The Florida Chamber’s Political Operations develops LEADERSHIP in the political arena to address tough issues with real solutions. At the Florida Chamber, our political efforts are about preparation. We do not have a “wait-and-see” attitude concerning Florida politics. We continually track attitudes and trends in Florida with statewide and district polling. We are constantly recruiting, researching and vetting potential candidates for office. Elections are not an every other year process to us. Rather they are a 365/52 state of affairs.

Florida Chamber of Commerce Gets Results

Today’s political environment makes it necessary for the business community to come together and stand up for free enterprise. Ask anyone who followed the 2010 election and they will tell you the Florida Chamber Political Action Program means business. The Florida Chamber spent 15 times what other business groups spent. We invested more than $5.5 million dollars and won 80 of 84 elections in which we engaged.

The overarching lesson learned from the 2010 election is that Americans realize the correlation between jobs and a good economy and free enterprise. But it’s up to business to keep spreading the word.

To elect business-minded candidates who promote free enterprise, the Florida Chamber’s Political Action Program blends together all the necessary ingredients for success:

  • Research and planning
  • Strategies and tactics
  • Recruiting and interviews
  • Voter education activities

If you would like to stay informed and become part of the Florida Chamber’s political action team, please contact Marian Johnson, senior vice president of political strategy at (850) 521-1241 or mjohnson@FlChamber.com.

Florida Chamber Political Institute 

The Florida Chamber Political Institute (FCPI), the research-based arm of the Chamber’s political operations department, understands that the candidate selection process is vital. FCPI was founded by the Florida Chamber in 2003 and under the leadership of veteran political strategist Marian Johnson has grown to a network of over 70 of Florida’s most politically active companies and associations.

FCPI researches each candidate extensively and interviews every single candidate running for office (that’s hundreds each cycle) and compares their stance on issues to the Six Pillars and their actual voting record. This allows Florida’s business leaders to see where each candidate stands on the issues before supporting them

The Institute also conducts routine polling, which provides the insight needed for our political operations to manage millions of dollars in political contributions. FCPI offers essential statistics and vital information on statewide races, as well as at the legislative district levels.

Political Assistance Provided to FCPI Members Includes: 

  • Identifying, educating and training future candidates
  • Interviewing all candidates running for office
  • Conducting political research that reflects pro-business causes and candidates
  • Hosting briefings to keep members abreast of issue trends and candidate viability
  • Providing training to executive lobbyists
  • Offering political counsel and recommendations to Florida businesses
  • Polling Florida voters to identify views and trends
  • Offering customized and specialized issue research

Contact Marian Johnson at (850) 521-1241 or mjohnson@FlChamber.com to find out how you can become a member of the Florida Chamber Political Institute.

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