Video: Congratulations New Leaders

Florida Voters Elect Pro-Jobs Cabinet and Legislature

Floridians have sent a resounding vote of confidence in the American free enterprise system by electing pro-jobs, pro-business candidates that will help turn Florida’s economy around. We won 80 of 84 elections in which we engaged.

Floridians also rejected Amendment 4 “Hometown Democracy” and the radical anti-growth interests that would have held an entire sector of our economy hostage, transforming the “unbeatable” amendment into the “unthinkable” amendment.

The landscape of the new Cabinet and Legislature is now comprised of an overwhelming majority of leaders closely aligned with the Florida Chamber’s platform for Florida’s future and we look forward to working with pro-jobs, pro-business leaders to continue moving our state toward a new and sustainable economy.

The Florida Chamber of Commerce extends hearty congratulations to all General Election winners. As we move forward, the Florida Chamber looks forward to learning how each candidate plans to create jobs and help build Florida’s new economy.

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