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Where Legislators Stood on the Florida Business Agenda

As you know, Florida is moving in the right direction again. Floridians are finding greater job opportunities (more than 270,000 open positions statewide), our population is growing (by more than 600 per day), education reforms are working (4th grade reading is #1 in the U.S.) and Florida’s positive economic momentum has the Wall Street Journal declaring that Florida is the new model for saving our nation’s economy.


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To help ensure Florida stays on the right track, the Florida Chamber led the fight for free enterprise and economic freedom by focusing on making Florida more competitive.Whether it was championing lawsuit abuse reform, excellence in education, economic development, expanding trade, bending the healthcare cost curve, protecting Florida’s brand, funding infrastructure, helping set Florida’s water and energy policy, reducing taxes, improving regulations or finding other ways to make Florida more competitive — as Governor Rick Scott says, “The Florida Chamber shows up day after day to make sure the right things happen.”

While Florida is making significant and nationally recognized economic strides, there is still more work to be done. The legislature delayed action on fixing systemic issues like the pending pension crisis, additional lawsuit reforms, creating innovative solutions for Florida’s health care systems, additional economic development tools and closing the Internet sales tax loophole.

The Florida Chamber’s How They Voted includes:

  • The Florida Chamber’s Business Agenda Report
  • The Florida Chamber’s Most Valuable Legislator Award
  • The Florida Chamber’s Annual Legislative Report Card

Governor Scott has already signed more than 90 Florida Chamber-backed bills into law, and we are hopeful he will maintain his perfect batting average by signing the remainder into law. When it comes to being focused on job growth, Governor Scott is batting 100 percent.

The Florida Chamber’s Policy Council is already working on unfinished business in preparation for the 2015 Agenda for Jobs, and with elections around the corner, the Florida Chamber’s Political Action team is already interviewing candidates, hosting fund raisers and preparing to champion pro-business candidates that will help secure Florida’s future.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we thank you for your continued support and leadership. With your support, we will continue to drive Florida’s economic growth and serve as the model for saving the economy.

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