Florida Chamber Business Agenda

When the Florida Business Agenda Wins, Florida Wins

When it comes to securing Florida’s future, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Winning Florida’s future is not a spectator sport – it takes tenacity, focus and significant resources. We either win the war on free enterprise by growing the private sector and creating jobs while government relations, red tape and poor policy out of the way, or we lose it.

For those interested in fighting against special interests and who believe in Florida’s future – we invite you to join our fight. The battle to transform Florida’s economy into a world-class economy continues and we welcome your support. Another legislative session in Florida means another opportunity to defend our progress and advance the jobs agenda.

There are more than 30 scored items in the 2016 agenda, here is a sample of what will make Florida more competitive:


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  • A tax climate that helps generate job growth (we support a $1 billion cut),
  • A talented workforce to fill those jobs (continued education reform),
  • A diversified economy, and further improving Florida’s business climate (we support the $250 million Florida Enterprise Fund and other improvements to EFI),
  • A quality of life that includes science-based water policy, and
  • Smarter healthcare outcomes through transparency, competition and ending the cost shift

Based on input from Florida Chamber members, local chambers of commerce, partner associations, research, and unfinished business from 2015, the Florida Chamber’s 2016 Competitiveness Agenda is a blueprint of legislative priorities that it will lobby, track and score this Legislative Session.

Be part of the solution. Learn how you can help secure Florida's future.