Governor Rick Scott outlines his plans for securing Florida’s Future at the Florida Chamber’s annual Insurance Summit.
Governor Rick Scott outlines his plans for securing Florida’s Future at the Florida Chamber’s annual Insurance Summit.

Targeted Tax Reforms

Driving a fair and equitable tax system is key to attracting and growing businesses in our state. Limiting burdensome taxes by enacting smart and targeted tax reforms helps place money back into the pockets of Florida’s families. We must continue to push back against initiatives that make us less competitive in comparison to other states and become the number one state for business.



The latest updates on targeted tax reforms in Florida

Button_ActNowCapitol_108x75URGE YOUR LEGISLATOR to Support Tax Cuts
Contact your legislator and urge them to vote yes on HB 7099, which will be heard  on the House Floor on February 10.
Button_VIDEOEmail_Thumb_JeffWoodburnWATCH The Florida Chamber’s Bottom Line
Jeff Woodburn, Policy Director and Deputy Chief of Staff for Governor Rick Scott, discuss targeted tax reforms and the importance of the Florida Enterprise Fund.
Button_UpdateFirst-for-Jobs_108_75Florida Chamber Rallies at Florida Capitol for Targeted Tax Reforms and Investing in EFI
Learn about the rally with Bill Johnson, Governor Rick Scott and Mark Wilson.
Button_DYKDYK_#4TaxClimate_108_75DID YOU KNOW Florida’s Tax Climate Ranks 4th Best in the Nation?
Find out why Florida has one of the most desirable tax climates in the nation.
Button_VIDEOEmail_Thumb_Paul-RennerWATCH The Florida Chamber’s Bottom Line
Representative Paul Renner discusses Florida’s pro-growth policies, like the Florida House’s recent targeted tax reform package.
Button_VIDEOVideo_MW_CutMyBizRentWATCH a Special Message on Targeted Tax Reform
Targeted tax reforms matter to Florida’s families and small businesses. Watch this special message from Mark Wilson and Governor Rick Scott.
Button_VIDEOVideo_Tally-SuckWATCH Our Florida Wins Video
Why Should You Support Cutting the Business Rent Tax?
Button_NEWS-RELEASEBizRentCoalition_108x75READ a News Release
Small Businesses, Job Creators and Business Groups Call for a One Percent Tax Cut
Button_OnePager1Pager_TargetedTaxReforms_2016_108x75Targeted Tax Reforms
Targeted Tax Reforms Will Help Florida Remain Competitive
Button_OnePager1Pager_BusinessRent_2016_108x75Business Rent Tax
Targeted Tax Reforms Help
Attract and Grow Businesses


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