Attorney General Pam Bondi stands with the Florida Chamber to oppose Las Vegas-style casinos in Florida.
Attorney General Pam Bondi stands with the Florida Chamber to oppose Las Vegas-style casinos in Florida.

Expansion of Gambling


Ensuring Florida is the premier destination to live, work, learn and raise a family is integral for the continued improvement of Florida’s economy. Florida cannot afford to bet our economic future on the expansion of gambling or the creation of destination mega-casinos. Floridian’s should be cautious of unsubstantiated job growth and economic development offered by mega casinos. Las Vegas-style casinos don’t compliment positive, long-term economic development. Instead, they weaken our brand and burden our cities with debt and poverty and wipe out existing forms of commerce.



The Florida Chamber will continue to push for the expansion of high-wage jobs and protect our state’s brand. This means continuing to oppose the expansion of Las Vegas-style mega casinos. There are countless examples of states that have been lulled into a false sense of economic safety by mega casinos, only to discover their reputation has waned, their high-skilled workers have left or their businesses can no longer afford to do business in their state. Florida continues to top lists as the nation’s premier place to visit, live, work, learn and play. We must continue to focus our attention on growing private sector jobs and keeping an attractive business-friendly economy.



While a coalition led by the Florida Chamber defeated their efforts two years ago, gambling interests have not given up on expanding in Florida. Florida’s tourism industry, an essential part of our economy, relies on our state’s strong reputation for family-friendly activities. While special interest groups would try to fool us by calling Las Vegas-style mega casinos “Integrated Resorts”, taxpayers know better. We must continue to protect our brand and ensure that our reputation is not diminished by rejecting attempts to expand any form of gambling in Florida.


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