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“Fiscal Cliff” Deal Reached, but National Debt Fuels Uncertainty

The national media focused on the approach and ongoing navigation of the “fiscal cliff,” a scenario in which tax hikes and significant federal spending cuts threatened to push the nation’s and Florida’s economy back into a deep recession. While the immediate problems were avoided, the economy is not out of danger yet and there remain perils to face in the weeks to come.

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Florida’s Economy and the Fiscal Cliff

In January 2013, major provisions of the U.S. tax code are set to expire unless Congress and the White House reach an agreement to extend tax relief for millions of Americans. In addition, without an agreement in the weeks ahead, sequestration measures will result in government spending cuts totaling approximately $115.7 billion.

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New Data Reveals Florida’s Economic Freedom is Eroding

Using data sets from the 2012 Economic Freedom of North America Report, we find that Florida’s sub-national economic freedom ranking (a combination of state/local level institutional measures) fell from 24th place in 2009 to 25th place in 2010.

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50 Florida Facts

Overview of Florida facts organized by the Six Pillars of Florida’s Future Economy, Aug-11
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The Journal of the James Madison Institute: Who’s Keeping Score? Using Metrics to Guide Decisions

Discussion of the role that metrics can play in addressing Florida’s challenges and opportunities, Summer/Fall 2011
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