2011 Capitol Days

February 7, 2011 – February 9, 2011 @ All Day
Location: Hotel Duval
Address: 415 North Monroe Street Tallahassee, FL 32301 | View Map

At the Florida Chamber’s 2011 Capitol Days, Governor Rick Scott spoke to an excited group of Florida’s top business leaders about his number one priority: job creation. Scott also answered questions about his newly unveiled budget. “The budget is all about private sector job creation,” Scott said. “This state is going to get back to work.”

Governor Scott will work with the Florida Chamber to make government more accountable and efficient. The Governor also applauded the Chamber’s hard work to get the state of Florida back to work. “I clearly couldn’t have won without the support of the Chamber,” said Scott. “Together we will make this state the number one state to do business.”

The Florida Chamber Foundation, the think-tank arm of the Florida Chamber of Commerce, unveiled new features to The Florida Scorecard as part of the general session at Capitol Days. The Florida Scorecard is a dynamic online tool that identifies and tracks real-time measures of Florida’s economy. It provides regional views of performance so that local stakeholders can measure and evaluate their position respective to each other, the state and communities across the globe.  If you are interested in receiving monthly email updates on key metrics, sign up online or email Juli Puckett.

Dr. Carrie Blanchard, Director of Research and Policy at the Foundation, demonstrated the new Scorecard search function for ease of finding specific information, “My Metric” that highlights how decision makers use the Scorecard as a tool, and a share function so that particular metrics can be shared through social media tools. The Foundation continues to refine the metrics and functionality of The Florida Scorecard through input from their Econometrics Council, a group of leading economists from across the state. If you are interested in receiving monthly email updates on key metrics, sign up online or email Juli Puckett.

Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater spoke on the importance of transparency in government and the effect it can have on improving Florida’s business climate.

“We’re going to work very hard to become a top reformer in transparency,” Atwater said.

” My goal is to get every single contract online.”

The Education Reform and Economic Development breakout session focused on the Florida Chamber’s priorities on these issues during the 2011 Legislative Session. The panel that discussed education reform included Senator Negron and Dr. Eric Smith, Commissioner of Education. The Economic Development Panel consisted of Representative Hukill and Senator Latvala.

Attendees took action by signing their name to a letter that supports the Florida Chamber’s education reform policy. The letter was addressed to the Senate Education Pre-K – 12 Committee, which will see education bill SB 736 in committee later this week.

The Regulatory Reform and Business Competitiveness breakout session panelists consisted of DCA Secretary Billy Buzzett and Representative Chris Dorworth. Meanwhile, the Tort Reform Panelist was Senator Anitere Flores.

Attendees took action by signing their name to a letter in support of bad faith tort reform. The Florida Chamber emphasizes bad faith reform as a policy that will improve the business climate in Florida.

The Union Wake Up Call breakout session  emphasized the importance of pension reform and paycheck protection. The panel that discussed pension reform included Representative Jimmy Patronis and Representative Fred Costello. The Paycheck Protection Panel consisted of Senator John Thrasher, Bob McClure, JMI, and Rick Watson.

Attendees at took action by signing their name to a letter in support of pension reform. The Florida Chamber emphasizes pension reform as a policy that will improve the business climate in Florida.

Attorney General Pam Bondi spoke about improving the burdensome regulatory and legal environment that keeps Florida from being the leader in job creation and growth. “We are going to do everything in our power to make Florida the best state in the nation,” Bondi said.

Bondi discussed the federal health care legislation, which she declared as unconstitutional, “We all need health care reform, but this is not the way to do it.” The Attorney General also discussed the EPA lawsuit and unemployment fraud, among other key issues.

Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam spoke with attendees at the general assembly this morning at the Florida Chamber’s Capitol Days event in Tallahassee. Putnam spoke about many of the agricultural issues that are vital to Florida’s economy and must be addressed. Putnam discussed top issues such as immigration, energy, and water management. “The area we’re focused on is water policies, it’s a game changer for Florida,” Putnam said.

Putnam is confident that the elected leadership in Florida will get the state back to work. “With the leadership we have today, we will come through this economy in better shape,” Putnam said.

The Florida Chamber of Commerce announced its 2011 legislative priorities – a jobs creating agenda designed to reset Florida’s economy and help create at least 135,000 net new jobs by year’s end.

“Last November Florida voters sent a pro-jobs mandate by electing a pro-jobs Governor and pro-jobs legislature,” said Allan Bense, Chair of the Florida Chamber of Commerce and partner with GAC Contractors in Panama City. “Government doesn’t create jobs, businesses do. The Florida Chamber’s Business Agenda will allow us to once again hang the ‘open for business’ sign in the state of Florida.”

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