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As the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Economist and others have reported, the Florida we’ve known is over. The Florida Chamber of Commerce generally agrees with these reports, so our research foundation is investing in the development of a carefully and collaboratively designed strategic plan for our new Florida. The brutal reality is that the economy Floridians knew is never coming back.

Global competition, combined with the world’s worst recessions on record, means that Florida’s business and political leaders cannot simply wait for things to get better – nor can we try to retreat to ways of the past. Our approach, systems and outcomes, in everything from education to economic development, must change.

Our mission is to lead Florida to a new and sustainable economy. Let’s work together to help make our vision of future a reality, together we can set the example for the rest of the nation.

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Every month the Florida Chamber Foundation releases the latest employment, consumer and housing data for Florida via the Florida Scorecard Updates known as By The Numbers. To receive these monthly updates on Florida’s economic progress and regress you can sign up on The Florida Scorecard homepage.

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The Foundation invites you to participate in the Six Pillars Caucus collaborative website where you can have a voice to engage and collaborate with others with a commitment to Florida’s future. E-mail for an invite.

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The Florida Chamber doesn’t have a “wait-and-see” attitude concerning Florida politics. We are constantly recruiting, researching and vetting potential candidates for office. If you would like to stay informed and become part of the Florida Chamber’s political action team, please contact Marian Johnson at (850) 521-1241 or

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