Voters Optimism Continues to Increase & Governor Scott’s Job Approval Increases Again

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TALLAHASSEE, FL (March 30, 2012) – For the third month in a row, Florida voters are more optimistic Florida is headed in the right direction, according to a poll released today by the Florida Chamber Political Institute. Up three percent since January, 35 percent of Floridians believe the state is moving in the right direction while 44 percent are not as confident – a decrease of four percent since January.

Governor Scott’s job approval rating continues to remain positive, with 46 percent voters approving of the job he’s doing compared to 43 percent who disapprove.

“While the national economy and Washington politics are causing concern with voters, this is quite an improvement from June of last year when 60 percent said the state was headed in the wrong direction,” said Marian Johnson, Senior Vice President of Political Strategy for the Florida Chamber of Commerce.  “The fact that likely voters rate Governor Scott more positively is an indication that they agree with his jobs agenda and that he is moving forward with exactly what he campaigned on.”

The poll, conducted on March 22-25, 2012 by Cherry Communications during live telephone interviews of likely voters, has a margin of error of +/- 4.4 percent.

Jobs and the economy continue to dominate the concerns of Floridians by 44 percent – down from 51 percent in January. Education and concerns about health care round out the top three issues.

Additional Results:

Please tell me if you have a very favorable, favorable, unfavorable or very unfavorable opinion of President Obama?

Favorable                              48%
Unfavorable                          47%
Undecided                            5%

Do you strongly approve, approve, disapprove or strongly disapprove of the job that President Obama is doing?

Approve                                 47%
Disapprove                            49%
Undecided                            4%

Do you strongly approve, approve, disapprove or strongly disapprove of the job that Governor Rick Scott is doing?

Approve                                 46%
Disapprove                            43%
Undecided                            11%

If the election were held today, would you vote to re-elect President Obama or vote for the Republican candidate?

President Obama                 42%
Republican                           46%
Undecided                            12%

If the election were held today, would you vote to re-elect Democratic U. S. Senator Bill Nelson or vote for the Republican candidate?

Bill Nelson                            41%
Republican                           42%
Undecided                            17%

What do you believe is the most important issue facing Florida today?

March 2012       January 2012

Jobs and the Economy:                  44%                  51%
Education                                      10%                  12%
Health Care                                     5%                    5%
Property Taxes                                 3%                    4%


Please note:  The samples for the polls conducted by the Florida Chamber of Commerce are consistently drawn from likely voters…meaning those voters who have the propensity and past performance of voting in elections…rather than simply including registered voters.

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