Parent Trigger, Online Sales Tax, Workers Comp Top Chamber Legislative Wish List

January 16, 2013 | | Print Print

By Kathleen Haughney 

TALLAHASSEE — The Florida Chamber of Commerce, one of the state’s strongest and richest lobbying organizations laid out a legislative agenda Wednesday that includes support of an online sales tax and pro charter school measures among others.

Here are some of their top priorities:

  • Online Sales Tax — This issue has not gone very far the past few years, largely because the Senate under former Senate President Mike Haridopolos refused to pass any new taxes. But many business groups are pushing for a tax against online retailers like Amazon.
  • School choice — The Chamber said they would like to see an expansion of virtual and charter schools. As part of that, they’d like to see the Legislature pass the Parent Trigger bill that failed in the Senate last year.
  • Teacher pay — The Chamber said they believe that paying teachers more should be a higher priority in the education budget. The teacher merit pay law, which is supported by the chamber, sets up a system where the highest achieving teachers should be paid more. However, money has not followed that law and so teachers have not seen raises.
  • Gambling — The Chamber will continue its opposition to destination casino resorts in Florida. “It’s still our position that what happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas,” said Chamber President Mark Wilson.
  • Sick time referenda — Wilson said that the group would like to pass a preemption bill that bans local governments from creating a patchwork of paid sick time laws. The local sick time laws would “make pockets of Florida very uncompetitive.”
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