Florida Chamber’s Coalition for Legal Reform Urges Lawmakers to Adopt Daubert Standard

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Coalition for Legal Reform Encourages Senate Judiciary Committee to Pass Senate Bill 1412


Tallahassee, FL (April 8, 2013) – The Florida Chamber of Commerce’s Coalition for Legal Reform today urged the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee to pass Senate Bill 1412, sponsored by Senator Garrett Richter (R-Naples). The measure, if adopted, would update Florida’s outdated expert evidence standard and align Florida with the U.S. Supreme Court, as well as all federal courts in the nation and the majority of states who use the modern Daubert Standard.

“The Florida Chamber’s Coalition for Legal Reform urges members of the Senate Judiciary Committee today to pass Senate Bill 1412,” said David Hart, executive vice president of the Florida Chamber. “Updating Florida’s antiquated system of determining the admissibility of evidence is not only paramount to improving science in Florida’s courtrooms, but will lead to Florida having a more consistent and reliable legal system, which in turn, will aid in growing our economy and importing jobs, rather than litigation, to Florida.”

“Florida must move into the 21st Century and improve the reliability of expert evidence,” continued Hart. “To have a good economic environment for businesses to expand and prosper, we must modernize our legal climate to make it consistent and predictable for all and updating Florida’s expert evidence standard from the 90-year-old Frye Standard to the modern Daubert Standard, is integral in achieving that goal.”

The Florida Chamber’s Coalition for Legal Reform stands in support of key legal reforms that will improve Florida’s dismal legal climate and will alleviate the burdensome lawsuit abuse tax that weighs heavily on the shoulders of all Floridians. These reforms include updating Florida’s expert evidence standard, adopting the Fair Settlement Act, reforming Florida’s medical liability laws and reforming our system of accuracy in damages.

The House’s Expert Evidence companion bill is House Bill 7015, sponsored by Representative Larry Metz (R-Yalaha) and is currently available for passage on the House floor.


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