Florida Chamber and Gov. Scott Team Up to Make Florida Manufacturing More Competitive

January 09, 2013 | Print Print

Today, Governor Rick Scott announced plans to help boost Florida’s underutilized manufacturing industry by urging more incentives, agreeing with the Florida Chamber’s long held policy for lower taxes on manufacturing equipment. Specifically, Gov. Scott called for the elimination of taxes on the purchase of manufacturing equipment.”

“Eliminating the barriers on investment for our manufacturing industry will also benefit our ports and the many small businesses that support manufacturers,” said Gov. Scott. “Manufacturing accounts for almost 90 percent of Florida exports that depend on our ports. Small businesses make up nearly 96 percent of the state’s exporting firms and produce 67 percent of the state’s total exports. Building up Florida manufacturing is about building up Florida jobs all across our state.”

Besides the hundreds of thousands of private-sector jobs that it supplies, Florida’s manufacturing industry creates good jobs that pay 122 percent of the average annual salary in Florida.

Florida’s manufacturing industry is ready to take off and help diversify Florida’s economy and create more private-sector jobs. The Florida Chamber will continue to partner with the Manufacturers Association of Florida, the National Association of Manufacturers and Gov. Scott to ensure Florida emerges in the changing economy as a global leader in trade, manufacturing, research and development and job creation.

“The impact of manufacturing on Florida’s economy can’t be understated since more than 17,500 companies employing more than 300,000 Floridians provide products, equipment and items that we use every day,” said Mark Wilson, President and CEO of the Florida Chamber of Commerce. “We need to attract and grow manufacturing jobs if we want Florida to be more competitive. To that end, the Florida Chamber has called for the doubling of Florida-origin exports over the next five years. As we work to secure Florida’s future, the Florida Chamber commends Gov. Scott for continuing to position Florida as an economic development leader. Gov. Scott clearly understands that more competitive manufacturing will allow Florida ports to export more products that are made in Florida.”

The Florida Chamber has been a staunch advocate for strengthening Florida’s manufacturing industry. Last year, the Florida Legislature passed a Florida Chamber-backed bill that took sales tax on manufacturing machinery and equipment from 10 percent to 5 percent. Gov. Scott signed this Florida Chamber-backed jobs package at Metal Essence in Longwood.

This year, the Florida Business Agenda, the Florida Chamber’s agenda for jobs, calls for decreasing the productivity showing for the manufacturing machinery and equipment sales tax exemption to make Florida manufacturers more competitive in an increasingly global marketplace.

Take action now by contacting Gov. Scott and thanking him for supporting Florida’s manufacturers and working to make the manufacturing industry more competitive! Contact your state legislators and let them know they should help secure Florida’s future and pass this important proposal!

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