Where We Stand

Florida’s Business Agenda Puts Jobs, Growth & Economic Opportunity in the Driver’s Seat

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At the Florida Chamber, economic opportunity, job growth and global competitiveness are our focus. We have fought for free enterprise alongside our members by standing up for Florida’s business community and the employers and families they represent.

Some politicians and groups vote and advocate based on polls or funding. The Florida Chamber stands up for freedom and free enterprise in every corner — from the Florida Legislature to the Florida Cabinet, from state regulatory agencies to federal agencies, from the court of law to the court of public opinion. If the battle is about our business community, the Florida Chamber is on the front lines.

At the Florida Chamber, we believe we can create economic opportunities and grow our economy. The Florida Chamber enters each Legislative Session by encouraging lawmakers to focus on making Florida’s business climate more competitive and lowering the cost of living for Florida’s families and small businesses. The Florida Chamber’s agenda for jobs, Where We Stand, serves as an important roadmap to educate lawmakers on the business community’s priorities.

Florida’s Competitiveness Agenda builds on 104 pro-jobs bills passed and signed into law in the last five years, and is helping position Florida to be America’s number one private sector job creator. Although there are more than 30 scored items in the 2016 agenda, here is a sample of what will make Florida more competitive:

  • Lowering the Cost of Living on Florida Families and Businesses
  • Championing a Talented Workforce to Fill Jobs
  • Diversifying Florida’s Economy and Improving Florida’s Business Climate
  • Securing Florida’s Water Future
  • Lowering the Cost of Healthcare

Those pushing special interest agendas have no vision beyond their own and they often seek to diminish free enterprise and tear apart our freedoms. We either win the war for free enterprise by growing the private sector and creating jobs while getting government pension programs and unsustainable entitlements out of the way, or we lose it.

For those interested in fighting against special interests and who believe in Florida’s future — we invite you to join the fight.